The Pure

There were so many of them: stumbling, clawing, their teeth gnashing for a bite of my flesh. I never killed one before. I’ve just killed six. My bloody hands paint crimson the finest bottle of water I ever drank.    

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Destructron Unit 902 made its way down war torn Michigan Avenue, its massive three-toed feet crushing rubble and the occasional human skull to dust. 902 had been programmed by the engineers under US Army Colonel Tameia Weller’s command to locate and terminate any humans or mecha it suspected were Secession Movement combatants. The mission was […]

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X in DC

Without preamble, Kirksey said, “Four days ago you intercepted an e-mail sent to Freeman from an unknown source telling him to meet them at room 753 of the St. Regis Hotel on November seventh. In your report to your superior- Sam Neville- you showed proof that Freeman’s been supplying the Knights of Mary Phagan, the […]

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“By a boulder painted like a frog?” “The ancient Egyptian goddess of fertility was a frog.” “Really?” “We’ve tried everything else!” We named our daughter Heqet.

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Dark Star Rising

Stars! Can you see them? I can. I’ve never seen so many stars in the sky, anywhere on Earth. A planet so stained with humanity that their own devices have rendered the stars invisible in practically every place except the most desolate, one of those places being the northern part of Alberta, Canada, the most […]

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Carlos In Dementia

“Dominic?” “Yes, papi?” “Don’t tell Rolando I said this, but…you’ve always been my favorite son.” Rolando took the old man’s hands in his and closed his eyes, to keep the tears from falling. He knew. He had always known.

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His paperwork is finally complete. Dr. Colin Diaz shuts down his computer, and the Da Vinci Operating System. He has just performed a septal myectomy on a Hungarian man four thousand miles away from the remote surgical suite in the basement of his Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home. The dead computer screen is a black mirror, […]

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